Just as the individual memories we gather throughout our lives come together to form our history, the pieces that compose Oceanview represent those non-linear, diffuse thoughts that appear in my mind as I gaze into the distance. Indifferent to what is immediately before my eyes, colors stretch while shapes collapse into each other.

A reality unencumbered by time and space appears before me; watching over my little sisters in the park, summers in the backyard with family and friends, feeling the mist of crashing waves cooling my skin as tea warms my lips, wondering curiously about the dreams pulling out to sea at sunset, perched on the edge of the cliff looking out to the water. The creative techniques employed to create Oceanview brought old and new together, like the varied emotions that compose my history, one feeling at a time.

Experimental Photography Process

_Photographs taken with an iPhone

_Worked on Photoshop, separating each layer and creating digital negatives. Which are printed in transparencies.

_First layer of gum bichromate photographic emulsion mixed with tempera applied on 300- gram acid-free paper. It is then exposed to UV light so that the photographic emulsion penetrates the paper. Finally, a water bath for 4 hours

_Second layer of gum bichromate photographic emulsion mixed with tempera. Then it is exposed to UV light along with digital negative. Then water bath for 4 hours

_Photographic print is passed through a gelatin bath so that it can absorb cyanotype layer.

_Last layer is cyanotype photographic emulsion, UV exposure and then last water bath

Photographs here