2023 GUERRILLA GALLERY pop up exhibition, New York, USA 

2023 NFT.NYC conference Artist Village, New York, USA

2022 CURO.ART, Ekho Gallery, Santiago, Chile

2022 DAO, Decentralized Ancestry Odyssey, Space 776 Gallery, New York, USA

2022 TEMPORAL VISION, Billboard Times Square New York, USA

2021 Synergy Exhibition, Crytovoxels

2021 We The Women NFT Exhibition, Spatial

2021 Oncyber, 2D artists Exhibition 

2021 SearchLight NFT Conference, New York, USA

2021 South Trip Gallery, Art Expo NYC, New York USA

2021 Culture Lab Lic, META-MENAGERIE NFT, New York, USA

2021 South Trip Gallery, Affordable Art fair Hong Kong, China

2021 Galeria Ma, Ñuñoa, Chile

2021 Oncyber, Women NFT Latin & Asia Collab exhition.2021 Vermilion, Chile

2021 Citylab NFT, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile

2021 Stratosphere NFT, Beijing, China

2021 El Corral Digital, “Chile Diverso”, Criptovoxels

2021 El Corral Digital, Criptovoxels (Metaverse)

2020 Galeria 7znail, Santiago, Chile

2020 Artsy with Perseus Gallery & South Trip Gallery, NYC, USA

2020 Galería Vermilion, Providencia, Chile

2020 Projekt-ADA Gallery, Santiago, Chile

2020 Solo Show, Galeria 7znail, Providencia, Chile

2020 Radiian-T, Santiago, Chile

2019 Galería 7znail, Providencia, Chile 


2023 NFT.NYC Conference, New York, USA

2022 International Women in the Blockchain Conference

2022 Billetera Digital, UPRINT, Santiago, Chile

2121 Cripto Arte #NFT, UPRINT, Santiago, Chile

2021 9° Seminario Comunicación Digital, Universidad Central, Santiago, Chile

2021 Cripto Latin Fest, Mujeres en Cripto Arte, EL Salvador, EL Salvador

2021 Crypto Arte, Galeria Aura Arte, Nueva Escuela Diseño y Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2021 Originales Digitales NFT, CityLab, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago Chile