Layla Pizarro is Chilean visual artist. Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started her art training in an art high school in Union City, NJ. Layla studied in youth summer art programs at Montclair and Rutgers universities both in NJ, USA. She continued her studies in Art and Anthropology. Returning to her home country, Chile she has participated in annual workshops in Drawing/Painting and Experimental Photography. Currently she is taking part in Verticalcrypto Art Residency.


Her art practice bridges two distinct realms: figurative realism and non-representational abstraction. Her works are a reflection of her days and experiences. Layla’s practice ranges from analog and digital painting to digital and experimental photography. Since last year she have been experimenting with Ai, creating art from GAN training from her own data set. As a conceptual artist she feels that the technique to be used in an art work should best express the concept of each series work. That is way she always in a state of experimenting in her creative practice.


The ongoing series “Memory” is a collection of generative works from an AI training that she has done with her own photographs taken through the years while visiting my childhood home providence of Valparaiso in Chile. Working on her recollection of those memories, wondering the reality of them, question if they can be change.


Layla is currently working on a self portrait series. Where she is searching for structure and a path in these times of uncertainty in her new life. Looking inwards to find her place. In this photography series she is hoping to merge herself with her new surroundings, making the city of Buenos Aires her home.


She has exhibited in Santiago de Chile, New York, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai and Panama City. I also participated in exhibitions in Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Spatial and Oncyber. As a visual artist she part of theVERSEverse gallery. Works from the series "8M, Calladita se ve más bonita” was exhibited in Times Square during NFT_NYC 2022

Besides being a full time artist, she also the creator and co-host of Arte y Labia, a weekly podcast where, together with Bárbara Quiroga they interview Spanish-speaking artists around the world on a weekly bases. She also created and co-hosts SOBRE ARTE on Twitter Spaces, a space dedicated to discussing artistic influences with co-host Cristian Arregium along with guest artists, with the goal of connecting NFTs to the history of art in 2021/2022.

Since mid 2022 Layla is part of Searchlight NFT curatorial team.

Layla Pizarro has been a panelist at Originales Digitales NFT, CityLab, GAM in Chile;  Crypto Arte, Galeria Aura Arte in conjunction with Nueva Escuela Diseño y Arte in Argentina;  Cripto Latin Fest, Mujeres en Cripto Arte en El Salvador; 9th Digital Communication Seminar at the Central University in Chile;  Cripto Arte #NFT, UPRINT in Chile and at international Women in the Blockchain Conference 2022 in the USA.


Art Statement

In my work I look for the experimentation of materials. I’m interested in discovering how materials behave in different supports using different techniques. The experimentation begins with the human figure, focusing on the portrait as a starting point. Through the creative process, these figurative forms become increasingly more organic, mutating towards abstraction. The concepts, as such, are revealed through the process of repetition, making mistakes then correcting them and making some more mistakes. It’s a constant process of observation and discovery.