A series about memory, those that get intertwined with daily life, those that are felt physically when a smell comes your way. Those that you are not sure if they are real or you made them up. The collective, The personal, The imagery.

The series "Wallpaper" delves into the interplay between memory, technology, and art. Its name, "Wallpaper," is a fitting choice as it symbolizes the ever-present nature of memories in our minds, much like the intricate designs found in wallpapers.

In this series, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is utilized to create and title each piece. However, the incorporation of AI in the arts has raised concerns among some traditional artists. The term "wallpaper," typically associated with something visually pleasing yet lacking artistic depth, perfectly captures the essence of this collection.

Overall, the "Wallpaper" series explores the fusion of memory, technology, and art by employing AI to create thought-provoking pieces. The chosen name reflects the constant presence of memories and invites contemplation on the role of AI in artistic expression, challenging traditional notions of what constitutes meaningful art.

For these abstract synthetic landscapes, the artist's photograph used in the AI training were taken in and around Valparaiso, Chile, through a span of about 7 years. Said AI training was done in 2022, the selection of outputs for this work were last edited in 2023, same year that the works were release as NFTs on OBJKT.